• ...And apparently so do the media! Dennis Lin’s n° 1-60 had an amazing online presence with shout outs from local writer Leah Sandals, from MoCo Loco, CMonster, Curated Magazine, and Smith and Pearson. Derek Flack of BlogTO, David Balzer of EyeWeekly and Andrea Carson's VoCA  also covered the show in their weeklies, among others.

    Thanks for the love, and special thanks to Derek Flack the photos.

  • Derek Flack join us Under the Table: 

    Rob Southcott's "Under the Table" at 47
    When I had my first look at this installation, I was underwhelmed. Four giant "table legs?" Surely I'm missing something, I thought. As it turns out, I was and I wasn't. On the one hand, there is no additional element to this show. But on the other -- as I was to find after spending a little time contemplating Southcott's work -- what you see, isn't necessarily what you get. As I dwelled in the gallery space a for a little while, my mind finally kicked into gear, and I realized that there's a sophisticated challenge posed by "Under the Table."

    Despite the formal simplicity, the implications of this particular transformation of 47 are quite demanding of the viewer. And here I can't help but recall the (extensive) production notes from Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. In describing the setting (or, more aptly, the stage) of the play, Williams' offers the following: "The scene is memory and therefore nonrealistic."

     Another way of putting this, of course, is to say that the play takes place not inside an apartment, but within a brain. Like this direction from Williams, "Under the Table" asks the viewer to engage fully with the notion that he/she is under a table -- to take the figurative construction as real, if only momentarily. And, if the challenge is (really) taken up, wonderful and perhaps discomforting things happen. Beyond noticing that 47's wood ceiling resembles the bottom side of a table top, the creative participant (no longer just a viewer) is left to experience the odd, invigorating and even alienating experience of being half-hidden and profoundly small in relation to his/her surroundings.

    Under the Table runs until October 30th, 2009.

  • Derek Flack does not miss a beat, the talented BlogTO writer stopped by the opening of 'Play' on Friday leaving us with this write up:

    ...I made sure to attend a number of the exciting openings taking place on Friday and Saturday. My first stop was at one of my favourite galleries, the recently opened 47. Currently on display is db johnson's exhibit, 'Play.' At once lighthearted and critical, this installation explores the ways in which childhood games and play are underwritten by violence and aggression. Laid out as a series of 'stations' that depict various instances of 'play,' visitors are invited to consider the degree to which early amusement activities are exercises in sublimation. It even features a shooting range! And while I couldn't resist firing off a few shots, this bit of fun was tempered by the realization that this particular aspect of the exhibition deftly demonstrates just how intertwined cruelty and play can be. 

    Check out the rest of his weekend reviews: Click me and I will take you there! 

  • Dead Sexy, an online, paperless magazine has featured Dennis Lin (one of the gallery's three founders) in their Who? section.

    They have written a bit about the 'hurts so good' installation and about the gallery itself, the pictures are pretty good. Take a look!