Derek Flack Strikes Again!

Derek Flack does not miss a beat, the talented BlogTO writer stopped by the opening of 'Play' on Friday leaving us with this write up:

...I made sure to attend a number of the exciting openings taking place on Friday and Saturday. My first stop was at one of my favourite galleries, the recently opened 47. Currently on display is db johnson's exhibit, 'Play.' At once lighthearted and critical, this installation explores the ways in which childhood games and play are underwritten by violence and aggression. Laid out as a series of 'stations' that depict various instances of 'play,' visitors are invited to consider the degree to which early amusement activities are exercises in sublimation. It even features a shooting range! And while I couldn't resist firing off a few shots, this bit of fun was tempered by the realization that this particular aspect of the exhibition deftly demonstrates just how intertwined cruelty and play can be. 

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