Dear Andrea:

We've received a comment from Andrea Carson via her blog. It reads:

    "I was disappointed by their current show, ‘Hurts so Good’. I was expecting a room filled with knives, something that perhaps took days, weeks to make, something that really engaged me as a viewer and forced me into an emotionally powerful experience. Instead, the board of knives, was….you know, kind of neat. But not really."  

    Source:, May 8, 2009

We have responded to her comment on her blog, and our response is awaiting moderation. In the event the moderator does not include our response, we have posted the response here.

We at 47 would love to have Andrea Carson and VoCA readers back to the gallery to look at and engage with the work to learn about the motivation, conception and process of hurts so good. Our experiences with critics as a gallery and separately as artists have been one of engagement, investigation, and interaction. Could not the precarious leaning of an 8 by 20 foot wall, suspended by chains, filled with over 2000 knives driven into the wood been the impetus for minimal inquiry?

What if the automatic response to “the board of knives” became a process of questioning, instead of a dismissive definition? How often has the viewer been asked to confront the back side of an installation, complete with the very real, and very sharp points of knives upon entering a gallery? Knowing that this is a collaborative effort by an artist couple, could we not question the approach of such a violent creation?

The aim of 47 is to engage the artist(s) to push themselves out of their artistic “comfort zone”; the zone that is so often a trap due to market demands and risk free critical plateaus. Each exhibition here is a step beyond the artists’ practices, allowing for these risks and new conceptions. Negative responses are more than welcome, we just ask that they be grounded and informed.

Thank you Ms. Carson for expressing interest in our space. Please do not delete this comment from your blog, as this is an invitation for an ongoing dialogue.

    - Jennifer McGregor, Dennis Lin, Jaclyn Quaresma