First Taste of Press, with love from the Torontoist

We were visited by writer Hamutal Dotan who's review of the gallery and Steve's piece for can be seen here. Here is a clip of the article speaking of Steve's piece: "Rock Bottom" is a case in point—there aren't many galleries that would allow an artist to muck up their floors on opening day, or many installations that would do so to such good effect. The piece, created by Toronto-based metal artist Stephen Richards, is a giant rotating sculpture that inscribes a circle on the gallery floor as it turns, mimicking the slow, labourious motion of an anchor in water. The anchor itself is a stylized reproduction of existing anchors (a real one would have been too heavy), and the gears that drive it were reclaimed by Richards from a '50s-era tractor. Vaguely conjuring up images of a sailboat, "Rock Bottom" is one of the most compelling installations we've seen in ages: it's a deft juxtaposition of materials (rope against metal); tinged with whimsy (at one point the anchor gets winched up to float above ground); and stuck with us long after we left.

Photo Cred: Gordon Hopkins