• Dear Everyone,

    Dennis and I have had an amazing time acting as gallerists/curators/directors but now- and maybe for Ever- we're going back to making art. The 47 space will no longer be a gallery, but it will stay in the art family. We are converting it into our studio. So electrical is going back to 220 volts, we're demoing the creepy back building, grading the yard and moving in!

    Thanks for all the great times, and for giving our space a rich history to build upon.

    We'll miss you!

    Jaclyn Quaresma





  • With Luke Painter and Philippe Blanchard's Ancestral Visions came this pleasant review from Mr. Terence Dick at Akimbo.




  • Murray Whyte posts an awesome article on The Star's blog and apologizes because its past due.

    We forgive you Murray Whyte! Thanks for the time you took to write the review of no. 1-60.


  • Erin Hatfeild of InsideToronto visited "Parkdale's hidden sculpture and instillation gallery" (that's us). Here's what happened: 

    "Found in an alley and marked by little more than a 3D script of the
    number 47, this art gallery isn't the most extroverted exhibition room
    in the city's west end.

    Located part way down Milky Way Alley, between Gwynne Avenue and Elm Grove
    Avenue, one must pass through a rickety gate to gain entry to 47. Once
    inside this former bank storage facility turned wood-working shop
    turned gallery, one will find white walls and high ceilings, stripped
    back to create a space tailored to show installation and sculpture

    Forty-seven is an exhibition space founded in 2008 and run
    by Parkdale-based artists Dennis Lin and Jaclyn Quaresma. Quaresma said
    47 aims to challenge the artist, empower the viewer and allow the
    artwork to affect." ...

    --Now, I wouldn't say we're hidden- well, we're not hiding-- HERE WE ARE WORLD! Come take a look.