Elusive Body

April 8, 2010 (All day) - April 18, 2010 (All day)


Elusive Body
Cheryl Rondeau Solo Exhibition
Thursday April 8th 2010
7 pm – 10 pm

With Elusive Body, Cheryl Rondeau takes the viewer on a simulated
journey into a environment that oscillates between the parallels of real
and construct. This installation is a dual channel video projected onto
screens suspended within 47

The two projections feature different, yet linked, vignettes that mix
footage from two disparate sources: found footage culled from Science
Fiction films and original recordings captured from the handle-bars of a
bicycle during an earlier performative intervention by Rondeau. The
found footage comprises several brief portraits of superhuman female
protagonists in action or combat. The handlebar recordings document a
one-week period, via video and time-lapse photography, of the artist’s
mundane bicycle commute from residence to studio.

During this cycling exercises,
Rondeau recorded her fluctuating heart rate, speed and cadence in an
effort to capture a constantly shifting algorithm that she then used to
determine the sequence, editing and pacing of both vignettes. What
emerges from these calculations is a frantic aesthetic and radical
reframing of the original imagery. Unexpected, fleeting, incomplete –
this sequence of isolated moments resists conventional cinematic
storytelling and immerses the viewer in its soundscape. Rondeau presents
a series of complications, incidents or anticipations that move from depicting an embattled Sci-Fi heroine to someone real on bicycle, a resonance of Hollywood-esque protagonist and, if not mundane, Toronto artist herself.