Ancestral Vision. Opening Reception Friday May 7th 7-10

May 7, 2010 (All day) - May 31, 2010 (All day)

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Philippe Blanchard with Quest for Fire and Luke Painter with From Victorian to Modernism to What? exhibit alongside one another in the exhibition Ancestral Vision.

Quest for Fire is the result of Philippe Blanchard’s recent
research into the history of animation and the moving image. Wanting to
expand beyond the single-channel video format, Blanchard has been using
installation and live performance as means of reflecting on how
animation functions in today’s visual culture. A wall mounted mural
piece is activated by synchronized rock-show lighting. Strobing patterns
of coloured light interact with the coloured ink, the work becomes
simultaneously still and moving. The imagery in the mural explores fire
as a metaphor for the human fascination with light and energy. The
control over fire is represented as a primordial technological impulse
which the artist connects to the pervasiveness of moving imagery in
contemporary culture.

From Victorian to Modernism to What? This installation by
Luke Painter projects animated works that reflect on the compulsion to
personally connect with (and often transform) the architecture of our
surroundings. Over the past year Painter and his father have been
building a scale model of a Victorian house from a neighbourhood past. 
Approximately 8’ tall and heavily ornamented, the structure is too small
to be a real house and too large to be a dollhouse.  On the rear wall
of the building, two eyes made from stained glass project animations
depicting architectural sites specific to Toronto that have personal
resonance with Painter and that nod to the transitioning nature of
neighbourhoods in the city.

Both installations harken back to the early days of the moving image
and offer a reflection on the potential connections between historical
periods, while humourously engaging the viewer.