June 5, 2009 (All day) - June 27, 2009 (All day)


Jennifer McGregor Solo Exhibition
Friday June 5th 2009
7pm – 10pm

Slant: malleability of spatial reception

Writing by Markeike Trielhard

Slant explores the possibility of the experiential beyond the picture plane. Jennifer McGregor’s paintings address themes of perception, misperception, and fracture, while exploring the geometrical deconstruction of space. Slant is an exhibition that takes the painting as its starting point and extends the installation beyond the parameters of the frame.

At once whimsical and disjunctive, the creation of an environment within an existing gallery space unsettles the viewer’s expectations of the two dimensional medium. Slant explores the possibility of spatial conversion and the manipulation of embodied optics within the context of the gallery. The installation activates space in a way that forces the viewer’s own self-awareness through a spatially fractured and compartmentalized approach to the viewing process. The displacement of referential space and the confinement of the picture plane, conflates the object and its environment into a total installation in this exhibition. The painting is activated by the circumstances of its reception.

Slant is about play and the malleability of spatial reception. Probing the possibilities and limitations of fractured planes and geometric instabilities, McGregor utilizes space as a starting point for the creation of an environment that echoes the aesthetic and experiential grounds for her work. The implicit re-organization of referential and representational space in her practice compels the viewer to consider the possibility of an affective and embodied practice of abstraction. This installation strategy extends the existence of the formal surface, disavowing the social exemption that denies the painting spatial and temporal immediacy. The social exists in the interstice, the fissure, and the striation of uncertain receptions. Slant allows the social to re-surface ambivalently in the construction of spatial instability. offers a space of productive misperception in which the two dimensional extends beyond the edge.