Dennis Lin

 n° 1-60

Dennis Lin explores the very process of object making with which his practice is engaged. He compels the viewer to consider the provenance of “precious”man-made objects in relation to their natural counterparts.  Nature’s process is incomparable and unrivaled according to Lin, and his careful treatment of its materials speaks of his deeply rooted respect for the sources he distills, refines and multiplies. Through his work he both comments on and seeks to mend our estrangement from the natural world.

Lin's interest in the multiple and appreciation of material is manifested through a process that often involves collecting, cataloging, and mimicking those things, which he holds dear.

Jaclyn Quaresma

 Of Many 

In Jaclyn Quaresma's artistic practice she employs the media sculpture, installation, print and on occasion performance or drawing in order to establish a set of emotional connections within an environment. To achieve this she manipulates levels of comfort, security, and control through reductive gestures that are rooted in metaphor and through partial narratives. Her work is dependant on the interaction of the viewer or collaborator, without their involvement it cannot be realized.

Stephen Richards

Next Exhibition November 06, 2010

From conception to completion Stephen Richards' ultimate goal is to make- . Inspired by the days of old Richards presents the viewer with nostalgic representations that are free from emotional burden.  In his second exhibition with 47, Richards studies a riveting technique of the past and allows the viewer to glimpse into a world few are aware of.

Stephen Richards has been working as a custom metal fabricator in the design and art field since 1994. He has been involved with both public and private projects at a variety of scales, from large-scale public art and architectural features to museum exhibits and product prototyping. He lives and works in Toronto.

Cheryl Rondeau

Elusive Body

Recent MFA recipient Cheryl Rondeau is a visual artist who works with both still and moving
imagery. She uses this media to transform moments of transition and the quotidian into the
monumental with the intent of exposing the influences and mechanics
that mediate representation and identity. Her work has been included in
exhibitions and festivals internationally.

Luke Painter and Philippe Blanchard

Ancestral Vision begins May 07, 2010

Luke Painter and Philippe Blanchard’s independant practices using projection shares an interest in questioning the historical origins of contemporary forms of popular expression. Their hybrid approaches strive to initiate a dialog (or is it a conference call?) between the disciplines of animation, installation and architecture and conceptually between historical periods. Animation is expanded through the use of installation, and is treated as a unique experience that is anchored by the exhibition space.


Erin Trezise and Megan Blandford Lewis

Exhibition begins April 22, 2010

In their first exhibit, In Turn, Erin Trezise (Curator) and Megan Blandford Lewis (Artist) metaphorically investigate their position as interns at 47.  Trezise and Blandford Lewis contemplate what it means to make your mark, to leave something behind, and what it is to become a memory-- or in their case, memorable. Continuing Blandford Lewis's investigation of the body as a mark-making tool the interns comment on the roles surrounding the gallery, the exhibition process and the catalogue.

The nine day exhibition is separated into three parts allowing the interns to crawl out from behind the scenes and take their turn in the spotlight.

To follow their blog documenting their experience at 47 click here.

47 Milky Way